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Kut The Stigma is a Show Focused on Mental Health Among African American Men.

The show offers safe spaces for black men to talk shop about a few things:

  • Mental and physical well being
  • Need, Stigma, Accessibility and Inequity of Health and Wellness Services
  • Correlation Between Physical and Mental Health


As a previously homeless, African American veteran, I have a deep passion for inspiring communities who are apt to shy away from mental health support to side-step the stigma and accept the services they need. In 2019, Columbia University identified my community of African American Men as being 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems, such as major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.  As a motivational speaker, musician and spoken word artist, I have created a new initiative designed to open the conversation between mental health professionals and my community. 


Kut the Stigma is a new web series based in Lancaster County, featuring local mental health professionals in conversation with African American Lancaster-countians having real conversations about the struggles, the inequity, the instability and the stigma surrounding mental health in the historically welcoming set of a Barbershop. We are in pre-production now and are welcoming contributors, sponsors, participants and we are in need of your support. Drop us a message to learn more on how you can have a personal impact on the mental health in your community with Kut the Stigma.

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